Short Term Vehicle Cover

If car insurance is only wanted for a short time, perhaps anything from one day to one month, temporary car insurance in the UK has become a popular and easy way to make sure that you have fully comprehensive cover, often from almost the moment you request it. So convenient is it, along with flexible and often very reasonably priced, that it is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to ensure you’re covered while driving.

There might be any number of reasons for wanting cheap temp cover for just a few days – borrowing a vehicle for a weekend to help a friend move, perhaps, or taking a load of stuff somewhere at a distance; test driving a possible new car or even having bought one, driving it home before looking for the best deal for the ongoing policy. Cover for a loan or courtesy car while the regular vehicle is undergoing work, or as a means of letting a visitor use a vehicle whilst staying – even taking a car out of its country of residence for a few days – there are innumerable reasons why these policies might be useful.

There are also advantages to using these temporary policies even if they are not absolutely necessary – getting a family visitor added to a regular insurance policy for the duration of a visit is of course usually possible, but getting them a separate policy means no threats to the no-claims bonus should they prove less than competent – or just unlucky!

University and college students are another group of people that might find these policies useful – if they don’t drive during termtime, they don’t need an annual policy (and especially don’t need the cost of one), so a temporary policy when they’re home for the holidays gets them mobile just for that time.

As with almost any type of insurance these days, the easiest and quickest way to get a temporary car insurance policy organised is to go online. Most people and most vehicles should get cover without problems; as long as the vehicle is a standard type and size and worth more than £500 it should be fine; and apart from some reservations regarding age – drivers under 21 years old or, at the other end, over 75 years old might find it more difficult, or at best exorbitantly expensive – there are only a few things that could cause problems, such as previous motoring offences

or current penalty points. There are firms offering cover to young adults of 18 and 19 years, but usually the only way they’ll do it is if the driver has qualifying criteria such as having held a full driving licence for at least six months, or sometimes for a year. Non-standard vehicles such as imported or ‘pimped’ ones, or those used for commercial passenger service may find cover only offered with restrictions.

And finally, it’s possible for even the youngest (legal) drivers at 17 years of age to get specialist cover that will enable them to learn without threatening their parents’ no-claims discount every time they need to practice!

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